Meedj Ltd

Longform Titles


The fully-loaded disc authored for the Super Deluxe boxset features Dolby ATMOS mixes for the ‘secret’ concert Prince and the NPG held at the Glam Slam nightclub in 1992.  There’s also an Atmos mix for the Special Olympics performance in 1991 plus the sound-check, and the Diamonds and Pearls Video Collection, first released on VHS but reformatted for HD.

Guns n’ Roses – LIVE IN NEW YORK

Filmed in 35mm at the Ritz Theatre in New York on May 16 1991 and previously unseen, this legendary show was authored with a stunning Atmos mix and innovative menu functionality to give the option of experiencing the background video clean, an ‘Easter Egg’ track.  The disc was included in the Super Deluxe USE YOUR ILLUSION box set.


We authored a brilliant offering for the much-loved album, containing Julian Temple’s film Mantrap, promo videos and the ultimate version of the Dolby ATMOS album - the ‘continuous play’ mode has no chapter breaks so the listening experience matches the original vinyl. Without having the flip the disc, obvs

Madness - THE GET UP

We made a DVD version of this incredibly charming and poignant concert recorded at the Palladium as a streaming event during the pandemic lock-down. With help of Charlie Higson in multiple roles, the band re-live their early years, welcoming special guests and play a blinding set with full brass section. We were asked to create the companion files for Digital delivery.

Queen + Adam Lambert - LIVE AROUND THE WORLD

This is the 24th longform title we authored for the band which features a concert that perfectly blends performances from multiple international shows.   We created the DVD, Blu-ray and Digital delivery versions for a title that topped the charts in the UK.


Another repeat disc - the fifth we’ve produced for this artist. Then project featured multiple live performances form then album, promos and the beautiful film telling the story of the title’s characters, narrated by Spike Milligan.  We were able to create a visualisation of the album cover for the menu design, which could also be used by it the client in social media promotions.